The investment in health and life is important

Men spend money to get and maintain a relationship," as the researchers write. "Giving gifts is essential in a relationship.

That suggests that a substantial part of the assets of a woman shows the investment that her husband has done in her something. Useful Reference: Fat Loss Factor Review

 This is important, because the willingness of a man to invest in a money partner says something about his dedication. So the possessions of women, such as expensive bags, luxury jewelry and designer shoes is likely to lead other women conclude that they have a very dedicated man. "

Remarkably, the results are remarkable. While men especially with expensive and luxurious products show as they come people of the opposite sex bump, women show off just with luxury as they encounter people of the same sex.

The main consumer of luxury, expensive brands - - luxury products not only buy to keep the competition at bay. Incidentally, the researchers emphasize that women Previous research showed that women of all luxury products. Lucky they also use it to communicate. Their taste and social status

Good news

The research is perhaps good news for people who are addicted to methamphetamine. They also associate their drug use with certain smells, actions and perceptions. Thus, seeing a pack of gum - they frequently used in the period of their drug use to correct their dry mouth - already make sure they go back craving for drugs. Because they associate as many daily objects with their drug use, rehab is difficult. If it is possible to take away that associations should be. Wean easier

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