Many patients also suffer from psychological comorbidities

Chronic pain is not rare: Nearly one in five patients in the general practice is concerned. Often no physical impairments or organ damage as a cause of pain are observed. Many patients also suffer from psychological comorbidities such as anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. The starting point of chronic pain can be acute pain that becomes chronic it. "The chronic pain can be the result of inadequate treatment of acute pain, leave traces in the central nervous system and lead to a pain memory," said Professor Dr. Frank Patzke from Göttingen. "The sensitivity to pain stimuli is increased, the synaptic transmission of pain information from the peripheral to the central nervous system is continuously strengthened," he said. This had an effect on the brain and neuroplasticity had to make difficult to reverse. Related Site:

Pain left traces - Radiological findings so Petzke, the increased sensitivity to pain-specific brain regions occupy. This sharpened by feelings such as anxiety, depression and hopelessness yet. The pain triggers negative emotions, which in turn reinforce the perception of pain. In itself vicious circle “was eventually indistinguishable chicken and egg".

A mix of factors - If a pain becomes chronic depends on physical, psychological and social factors. The physical risk factors include a strong posture and lack of exercise can lead to poor posture and overuse of joints and lead to further pain.

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